Direct Input Link issues with Bullet physics simulation

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Direct Input Link issues with Bullet physics simulation

Post by medogazda » Fri Oct 30, 2015 1:17 pm


I've just run into a weird problem. I use Bullet physics in a scene and Direct Input Link tool to control the body forces realtime. When I record the animation by the CDS panel the simulation differs from the one in the playback. Let's say I have rigid body sphere with impulse forces to roll in the shape of 8. When I record the animation it goes where I want, but when I playback the animation, the simulation (which is not keyframed yet) drives the sphere in a different way.

I guess it is because of the frame rate which is always changing during the playback and the recording, too. The Bullet simulation's body impulses are driven by the translate values of the Direct Input Link tool and for some reason, only the recording differs, every single playback drives the body the same way.

I'm looking for a way to keyframe the Bullet rigid body's attributes as the recording goes on. Is there any scripting capabities of the CDS tool to start the recording with a trigger at the same time the Maya is baking the simulation for the rigid bodies? Or how can I bake other objects attributes with the CDS tool's recording button? It could solve this issue completely.

Thank you very much for any help on this.

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