2012-09-22 A trip down memory lane

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2012-09-22 A trip down memory lane

Post by Micael Belin » Sat Sep 22, 2012 8:55 pm

I finally got access to Autodesk 2013 suite and now i'm really down to business making the port.

I've been spending some time now just skimming through the old code, trying to re-orient myself. Sure, i did design most of it, but i find it somewhat disturbing how much i have forgotten.

During my review, i had some notes and thoughts:

* Our plugin SDK hasn't changed much since i wrote it at the beginning, 6 years ago. It's the oldest part of CDS and it's remarkable how robust it has been throughout these years. Maybe i should write a post about it someday?

* I think the worst decision i made was the GUI implementation. Once we decided to port CDS to Mac and Linux we had to find a common architecture for the GUI. It resulted in an XML-based layout system which had implementation in win32, Cocoa and Motif respectively. It turned out too heavy to maintain so the second (and current) version is an implementation in Qt, which runs on all platforms. XML-layout still resides though, today somewhat unnecessary. My hope is to remove it entirely and bring Qt as the established GUI platform for CDS.

* Undo management has always been the primary pain in the ****. Each time we've ported CDS into a new host system, it had to deal with a completely new undo management system. Luckily, we haven't (yet) found an undo system we haven't been able to adapt to.

* Placing core as a dynamic DLL was a noble idea in the beginning, making it shareable between the adaptors. What i know now is that an extra dependency means an extra channel where something can go wrong. I won't do this mistake again.

* Although some naming can be regarded as quite unorthodox, the overall architecture of CDS is really, really good. It's rather simple traversing the code from one end to another, and most stuff is very modular and contained.

* I really hope i can open the CDS plugin SDK for third-party developers some day.

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Re: 2012-09-22 A trip down memory lane

Post by ECO1 » Sun Sep 23, 2012 7:10 pm

Keep up the good work!. We are waiting for the new version of Craft Director Studio.

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