HELP! Tank Crawler tracks, not responding properly

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HELP! Tank Crawler tracks, not responding properly

Post by bigwil357 » Sat Jun 23, 2012 8:39 am

Ive been trying to rig a tank in Maya. There are just some things i am having difficulty understanding. The video on youtube is not so clear. I am lost when it comes to what i am supposed to parent.

All of my wheels are turning fine, except for the front ans rear sprocket ( drive) wheels. There is no rotation what so ever. I am unsure what is supposed to be parented to what. I tried to use the video. Then the written instructions, and then a combination of both, and i still am getting the same result.

I guess the things i need to know are;

is the passive cog, supposed to be parented to the Boogie wheel? Is the boogie wheel then parented to the high poly mesh?

When it ONLY comes to the drive sprocket wheels, what is the exact Higharchy?

when I duplicate the active& passivecogs ( video) do i keep the 2 active cogs on the front ground wheel ( closest wheel on the ground to the sprocket) , or do i take one of them and parent it to the rear ground wheel?

When parenting to the Chassis relocater, should i save parenting the hi-poly tank mesh last, and just parent parts directly to it beforehand? Or does this not matter, because it is just a issue with the drive sprockets?

Id appreciate any answers. Ive been trying to do this animation for a while. To get this tank rolling, is all i need to do for everything to be complete. I feel like im soo close! When i get this correct, i will probably make my own tutorial on this. Anyways, thanks in advance!


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