Combining the effects of multiple cameras in CDT

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Combining the effects of multiple cameras in CDT

Post by Carl Buhre » Fri Dec 12, 2008 1:33 pm

Combining the effects of multiple cameras in Craft Director Tools

Say for example that you have recorded movement for Craft ObserverCam but you would like to record some zooming on top of the old animation and you would like the effects of Craft HumanizerCam on the recording as well. But how do you do it?

Easy. Create another Craft ObserverCam and align it at the same position as your first Craft Observercam and link/parent it to it. Enter the input settings for the 2nd Craft ObserverCam and map an input to Zoom. Now uncheck the first Craft ObserverCam in the plug-in tree list to keep it's animation and then press Record and you can freely control the zooming while your second Craft ObserverCam follows the movement of the first one. Make sure that you're looking through the second camera to see the effects of the zooming.
Finally, to add Craft HumanizerCam's effects to this recording, create it and align it with the others. Link/Parent it to Craft ObserverCam #2. Uncheck the other cameras in the plug-in tree list to keep their already recorded animation intact. And then press ReSimulate to automatically create the animation for Craft HumanizerCam.

Additionally, if you want the camera to not only inherit the movement of the previous camera but also FOV settings etc. you can easily do that with Wire Parameters in 3ds MAX and the Connection Editor in Maya.


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