2008-11-17 - Plugin Development: More feature removal

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2008-11-17 - Plugin Development: More feature removal

Post by Henrik Hansson » Mon Nov 17, 2008 3:57 pm

Today has been all about disassembling the 4Wheeler Extended and to make it more user friendly and removing all kinds of features. In the 4-Wheeler Extended there are about 70 config parameters and something like 55 input settings. For the Free version, I narrowed it down to only 6 config parameters and 7 input settings, and gave them all new names, making them easier to understand for the user.

I also removed several meshes from the plugin, so now the free version looks like a very naked 4-Wheeler Extended. But you still can do alot of cool stuff with the free version. Things like burnout, booster (nitro) are still there. Tomorrow it is the Airplane's turn to be stripped down. Hopefully many spinners and inputs can be removed from it too. :)

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