2008-11-14 - Plugin Development: A no-brainer-day

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2008-11-14 - Plugin Development: A no-brainer-day

Post by Henrik Hansson » Fri Nov 14, 2008 4:05 pm

Today has been mostly about fixing small changes to the GCS3 plugin and completing the ObserverCam Free. The GCS3 is a plugin that we, in collaboration with Gamecaster, plan to release quite soon. What Gamecaster provides is a hardware where you can control a camera in a virtual environment, using a physical camera on o tripod.

What we provide is the ability to control this camera in any Maya- or 3DS MAX-environment, and adding some cool features to it, such as shakes and explosion like motions. The fixes to the GCS3 was sort of no brainer work that just took time, I've had more fun. Anyhow, I completed my part and sent it to the packaging guys.

So when that was at last done, I got started on the ObserverCam Free. This will be a free version of our Craft ObserverCam. It will have limited features, but you can still do cool stuff with it. This was also kind of no brainer work, removing features is quite simpler than adding it :)

We desided to add a short text in the configure-window. Since there are no parameters there to manipulate, it would have looked a little strange to have a completely empty window. So Carl and I wrote two different versions of a text, and let the System guys choose the best one. Sadly I lost ;(

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