2008-12-16 - System log: Recap, what have we done?

Read what's going on behind the scenes and in the minds of the developers of Craft Director Tools.
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2008-12-16 - System log: Recap, what have we done?

Post by Micael Belin » Tue Dec 16, 2008 4:24 pm

It's nearing the end of the year. Soon i will relocate from the murky gray mist shrouding Gothenburg, up to the winter-wonderland town of Sundsvall and celebrate Christmas. I really look forward seeing the snow again.

But first i need to take care of everything down here first. Today me and Patrik have been trying to recollect what we've been up to this year. ...Are you kidding?! I'm having a hard time remembering what i did last week!
We had to dig deep into development logs, old papers, mail conversations and stuff. But we managed to acquire quite a nice portfolio in the end!

What have you done this year?

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