2008-12-12 - Plugin Development: Weird...

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2008-12-12 - Plugin Development: Weird...

Post by Henrik Hansson » Fri Dec 12, 2008 4:17 pm

I've encountered the strangest problem in the 4-wheeler Extended in 3ds Max so far. If you as a user moved an object with the mouse during recording of the 4-wheelerExt, Max would totally crash. So I tried started debugging the problem, but the debugging didn't give any clues at all where the crash occurred. So I had to start removing code from the 4-wheelerExt to see when the crash disappeared. After I while, I found out that it was the FollowCam (the camera that follows the chassis with smooth moves) of all things that caused the problem. So finally, the problem got solved.

That's a good ending of this week. I can't belive it's actually Friday already. But I don't complain. :D

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