2008-12-09 - Plugin Development: Cloning in da house!

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2008-12-09 - Plugin Development: Cloning in da house!

Post by Henrik Hansson » Tue Dec 09, 2008 5:53 pm

Cloning of PRMs in Maya has always been a thorn in our side, we've never managed to get it really stable. And the thing that has been really pain in the ass is that it is hard to recreate the crash. But after hours of debugging, I managed to find a certain way to make the system crash 8-). And I finally found the thorn. The list that keeps track of all our nodes is not updated correctly. This only happens when a clone has been created.
A lot of ghost nodes is sometimes left in the list, and when the system tries to use them... BIG BADABOOOM! So the thing for tomorrow is to fix that.. but now.. CHRISTMAS PARTY! :D

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