2008-11-28 - Plugin Development: One good but sad day

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2008-11-28 - Plugin Development: One good but sad day

Post by Henrik Hansson » Fri Nov 28, 2008 4:40 pm

Today has been very productive. One final testing round with the freeware versions has been done and they still seem fine. The new bundle has been packaged and it all works. Almost too good to be true. Maybe it is, but I certainly hope not.

I've got some more changes and additions to do in the Game Caster PRC. I sadly didn't have enough time to complete them all during the afternoon, so it will be the first task Monday morning.

An even more sad thing is that it is Jonas (our Mac-guru) last day here at the office today. He'll be leaving us after a long time here, and he will be missed a lot. :cry:

Have a good weekend, bye bye

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