2008-11-24 - Plugin Development: Monday, gone day!

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2008-11-24 - Plugin Development: Monday, gone day!

Post by Henrik Hansson » Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:30 pm

The whole monday has passed by so fast I nearly forgot about it. After a long monday meeting and a quick lunch, it was time to get back to coding again. After a feature request, I added a new mesh to the 4WheelerExtended. It will hopefully solve the troubles in Maya that has to do with references. The new mesh will kind of function as the gravityDirection mesh does today, except when linking it to the ground. The GravityDirection Mesh is still there, and you still use as before, link it to a ground that you want to drive on. The only difference the user notices is that the GravityDirection stays in one position and will not follow the CarBody anymore.

And then monday was gone... :o

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