2008-11-21 - Plugin Development: Nearly there

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2008-11-21 - Plugin Development: Nearly there

Post by Henrik Hansson » Fri Nov 21, 2008 4:48 pm

Even if it's friday today (and I should feel happy since it's the end of the week), I won't leave the office satisfied. This was the third day trying to solve the jumping bug in 4-Wheeler Extended. I have been trying to debug the just-after-landing-skidding-parameter that I found yesterday, and it is harder than you might think. I think I have isolated the problem a little bit more now, and hopefully it can be fixed on monday.

The only time during the day when I could let go of the jump-bug, was when Micael told me I now could add labels to the freeware plugins. It was a really nice to do something else, even if just for a minute. Thanks Micael, you helped me survive the day. ;)

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