Spline Speed Controller for Roller Coaster

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Spline Speed Controller for Roller Coaster

Post by secretaznman » Fri May 15, 2015 10:01 pm


I am creating a roller coaster and need help connecting each of the cars together to make 1 train. I have a carriage which the first car is attached to.

Is there anyway to connect the next cars to the carriage so that they follow the same path without using the Trailer Plugin?

I have tried copying and pasting the key frames from the carriage onto the first car and attaching the next to cars with bones. The result was that the carriage was moving at the correct speeds, while the 2 other cars were following at a slower speed since they are on a path constraint.

As of now, I am making each car have a separate Spline Speed Controller which is kind of a pain because if I need to change speeds or if the ride track changes, I am spending a massive amount of time adjusting each controller's waypoints positions and properties.

I hope I explained that well enough.

Someone out there please help!


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