Small "breakdown" shots for upcoming guide

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Small "breakdown" shots for upcoming guide

Post by Tut » Sat Dec 28, 2019 10:27 pm


I am currently working on a guide/documentation for a multiplayer mod called MTA for the GTA game San Andreas. It's involving animations and showing the importance of animations.

We had issues with getting scripts made for demonstrating the animations in-game (lighting and positions of environmental objects were an issue), so I decided to make the demo a full CG. I reminded myself that I still have Craft animations demo version and thought I'd use it. It works amazingly for the purpose of my guide. Here are a few shots/pics, nothing fancy but just thought I'd share in case somebody doesn't have the program yet and wants to see what it can do!
I'm currently trying to get hold of the pro-version of the program. I hope for the best!

Once my guide is done I'll potentially attract a whole lot of users to this forum/software. Hopefully we can bring in some business! lol :lol: ... ghtIBL.png

Again, nothing fancy - hopefully though it'll inspire those who hasn't got the software yet, to seriously consider it. Definitely the most powerful tool I know of, even the demo is packaged very well.

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Re: Small "breakdown" shots for upcoming guide

Post by Patrik Martin » Thu Jan 09, 2020 10:51 am

Thanks for posting Tut. It's going to be interesting to follow your progress, look forward to future updates.

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