4wheeler extended steering wheel/pedal problems

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4wheeler extended steering wheel/pedal problems

Post by niff20 » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:28 pm

Hi there

I've been using the 4wheeler free edition for a week or so know and have found it to be a really good plugin - easy to use and it produces good results. I've been using a Fanatec Porsche Racing wheel as my controller and hadn't run into any problems until I started the evaluation version of 4 wheeler extended. For some reason the pedals won't work properly when in the scene. They seem to detect ok in the controller input window, but once I press record, I'll either get no response from the pedals or the wrong response. The steering is fine but the acceleration\braking just flat out doesn't work. I've read a few posts in this forum where people are having similar issues, is there no way around it?



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