Creating a sharp 180 degree turn

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Creating a sharp 180 degree turn

Post by kMak » Tue Jan 18, 2011 10:21 pm


I'm working on a project where a car is driving down a highway. The camera is fixated on the car from a distance further down the road. As the car passes the camera I want the car to initiate a 180 degree turn to face towards the camera, while remaining close in frame. The skid should be similar to this video:

The Problem:

With my current settings, the car skids way too far. I am unable to create a sharp 180 degree turn and at the same time stop the car fast enough to remain close in frame. At the moment, I have to hit the skid brake before passing the camera to keep it close. I need the rear of the car to quickly fish-tail rather than slide.

I am controlling the car with a logitech controller and using the skid brake input.


I am using settings based off of the sports car profile. I have modified some values in attempting the skid.

General Settings
Skidding Release Response Factor: 0.0001

Input Settings
Acceleration: 5.0000
Gas Pedal Response Factor: 0.0200
Gas Pedal Maximum: 5.0000
Steering Wheel Response Factor: 1.0000
Steering Wheel Maximum: 1.0000

All other settings are the same as the sports car profile default. I am unsure which settings I should modify as the descriptions for each setting aren't very clear and the number values are inconsistent with each other.

I am on the trial version at the moment and evaluating whether our company should invest further into Craft Animation. Any help is appreciated.

Patrik Martin
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Re: Creating a sharp 180 degree turn

Post by Patrik Martin » Wed Jan 19, 2011 2:37 pm

Well the way I would make the slide is in the following way.

At first i change the default settings to the following input parameters in the configuration:
Gas Pedal (Forw/Backw) Maximum: 6
Steering Wheel (Right/Left) Maximum: 0,9
Skid Brake Response Factor: 0,05
Skid Brake Maximum: 0,4

Then I got this result: ... slide1.avi

As you can notice i made a turn in the wrong way first but it is not a 180 degree turn at this stage.

So I changed the Skid Brake Maximum from 0,4 to 0,35 in the configuration and then made a resimulate (so I did not redo the movement)

Then I got this result: ... slide2.avi

Which may be a bit more than 180 but then I would just change the same value to a bit higher.
Place the camera after the slide is done.

Try that out.


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