Saving Scene is 3ds Max Design adds group layer?

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Saving Scene is 3ds Max Design adds group layer?

Post by Iggy » Wed Sep 22, 2010 10:18 pm

Not sure I can explain this but when I save my scene, the main Craft Director Studio window adds in a duplicate folder group with nothing in it. Not sure if this is suppose to happen? So on any auto-save it seems like it's creating duplicates of a folder which are usually empty?

ie: So I have created a Six Wheeled Truck - Group from the PRS template. I have saved my file twice and I getting two duplicate folders under my original group. Is this normal? I have also seen this happen if I have created a Speed-Spline. I have provided a screen shot to help illustrate what is going on. I usually just end up right clicking on them and deleting them before I hit record so I don't get any errors.


Craft Director Studio v10.1.2 x64
3DS Max Design 2010 x64

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