Link Constraint Issue with Craft Director Studio?

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Link Constraint Issue with Craft Director Studio?

Post by rich0550 » Thu Apr 01, 2010 7:50 pm


I have a car nicely animated with CRS. Hierarchy is as follows. Wheels and Body to craft objects, Biped driver linked to Chassis. So far pretty simple right.

Now I want to Change the link of the wheels and body to a object that reactor will use to animate the car rolling around frame 1000. Problem is somehow director has mucked up the linking. What happens is as soon as a click link the car and parts shoot off to 0,0,0. There is something really wrong. here.

What is going on, i have converted the director to keyframes but there is something very odd going on with moving the linkage from a director item to a anything else. I even copied the keys out and applied them to in trackview but its still bugged.

is this a know issue ? is there a work around. 3dsMax 2010 64x

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