I have a request for the team of Craft Animation studio

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I have a request for the team of Craft Animation studio

Post by nitram_greblips » Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:10 pm

I have a little request for the people who were made these excellent tutorials and ask you to make a tutorial about tire track and actually for the process of making of the PF and the other things, just to show how the things is happened. For preference is the tutorial to be shown on 3DS MAX but if you think that it doesn't matter what will be the program it's no problem.
I AM REALLY SORRY if a have a grammar mistakes. It is because I do not know the language very well.
I suppose that your team will haven't enough time but in every case please write whether someone of you could do that tutorial.
I talked for something like this http://forum.craftanimations.com/viewto ... track#p596 but to be video because I can't understand some of the things there :!: :!: :shock:

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