pre-rigged content?

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pre-rigged content?

Post by cboogie » Wed Dec 02, 2009 5:00 am

On the old website there was a library of "pre-rigged" stuff (tanks, airplanes, a car or two, etc.). I can't seem to find them anymore. Furthermore, is there a manual or fact sheet about them? I need a fighter jet for a client (for a stadium flyover) and was thinking if I had to buy one, I might buy it pre-rigged.

Are those still around?
Do they come ready to merge into a scene and hit go? Or do I have to manually relink everything myself?
If they are still around, is there a set of directions for how to use them (it would be nice to read before I shell out the client's cash).


Patrik Martin
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Re: pre-rigged content?

Post by Patrik Martin » Fri Dec 04, 2009 1:42 pm

Hi Choogie,

Nice to see that you have an intresst in the pre-rigged models.
We do still in fact have pre-rigged models. Here you can find the F-18 and some other PRMs We also have a F-22 from PerspectX rigged but that one is not uploaded to PerspectX site. You can find the F22 model here (not rigged): If you are looking for any other type of fighter jet, have a look around on PerspectX site and tell us witch model you are intressted in and we can probobly solve that for you. What is needed for the pre-rigged fighter jets is to have the add-on Craft Airplane Extended for Craft Director Studio.

You can find information about the Craft Airplane Extended here: ... -extended/

Contact me directly on for more information.

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