Influence sphere/dummy for trailer

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Influence sphere/dummy for trailer

Post by ddustin » Tue Dec 09, 2008 2:07 pm

We do a lot of tractor trailer scenes.
Some of them have 2 trailers with a "dolly" in between them (I can explain further if needed).
Currently the trailers follow the vehicle they are linked to (which works great by the way).

Is there a way to add an influence sphere or dummy that could exert a force on the trailer to make the back end skid out away from the path it is following?
the sphere or dummy would otherwise just ride along on the trailer, when you needed to skid the trailer you would animate the sphere or dummy away from it's native position.
After the skid was done, you would move the influence object back to it's origninal position.

Hopefully that makes sense.
Best regards (and we really like the Craft plugins and the feedback from the creators)
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