Max 2016 SP2 will cause Craft Director not to work correctly

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Max 2016 SP2 will cause Craft Director not to work correctly

Post by rich0550 » Mon Dec 07, 2015 3:45 am

completely busted with 3dsmax 2016 SP2...

testing craft free 4 wheel 15.1.8 with 3dsmax 2016 after install of Service pack 2, craft is not working correctly.

Object properties for a new craft 4 wheeler say 1cm in Z, before scaling...

any object linked to craft objects immediately grows x100 its size, object properties will not reflect new object size... (with scene units in centimeters)

confirmed this is not the case without sp2 install. works fine despite the controllers being completely not working correctly as they only show B for any input other than X or Z. This goes for driving wheel, game pad, or joystick. which never work right, The older versions you could assign different buttons to different things like skidding, not now, only B gets put in each input.
B for everything other than a XYZ axis.

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