Car shaking on flat terrain and other inquires

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Car shaking on flat terrain and other inquires

Post by danielmn » Wed May 07, 2014 10:06 pm

So I am hitting some issues. I testing out speed and rigs of just the freee 4wheelerFree rig right now, so I can let my boss know which software to purchase.

I am noticing on Flat terrain if I let the car just go just hitting the gas and never steering after about 300 frames the car chasis starts to jump up and down. The wheels stay flat and even but the car jumps up and down.
Happens faster on animation where the speed is pushed up. Starts off ever so slightly and increases. Never gets too out of control but it diffently moving.

I also noticed that scaling the body of the bone system changes the speed. This should really be defined in the documentation as scaling the car is one the first things you do size the car rig.

In 3d max what is the best set of units to use, Unitless, Meters, Feet.

I notice different inputs gets different results in speed. A keyboard gas input will give you one speed while a joystick control would give you another max speed. In my case I saw speed increase by a factor of 5.553

All my test where done on rigs that were linked to geo mesh and attached to nothing at all and for the most part errors would keep consistent.

thank you,
Daniel Najera

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