How to make 4WheelerExt coast?

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How to make 4WheelerExt coast?

Post by MOE_hagen » Tue Mar 26, 2013 2:03 am

How can you make your 4wheelerExt coast?

In other words when you release the gas pedal,(and DO NOT apply the ABS brakes) how do you make the vehicle coast along at a rate that would seem appropriate for a vehicle gradually coming to a rest, being slowed only by gravity and a small amount by the engine.

When I adjust the ABS maximum the car Will coast after releasing the gas pedal, but, by changing this input I can no longer brake the vehicle in the appropriate amount of time and distance to be accurate (I'm dialing the car in to specific 0-60 accelerations as well as 60 mph to 0 mph braking distances.)

According to the manuals the Gas Pedal Response Factor should control acceleration and deceleration, but I only find it controls acceleration as when I adjust it it only makes the car accelerate faster or much slower, but has no effect on the deceleration of the vehicle once the vehicle is at 60 mph. The only way I can seem to be able to control the deceleration is through the ABS maximum. Which by adjusting then throws off my breaking distance accuracy.

In short I just want to be able to take my foot of the gas without the car acting like it's braking right away.

Thanks in advance!!!

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