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4Wheeler Ext and the Spline Speed Controller

Posted: Wed Dec 19, 2012 5:35 am
by cboogie00
Hi - I sent an email in a few days ago but figured I would try the forums to see if I could get some help here. I've recently purchased the Architecture suite and am having a good time with it so far. Currently I'm trying to choreograph some traffic moving through an intersection using the Spline Speed Controller, a few Way Points, and the 4 wheeler extended. I have the 4whler set to "tight", but when I record the animation, there is a pronounced lag between the car and the SSC. The SSC gets so far ahead of the car rig that the car starts to "cut the corners" around curves - causing it to look like it's hitting the median or sidewalks.

My goal is to get a few cars following this one so I'm hoping there is a way to force the car rig to follow the spline more closely. Any help would be greatly appreciated.