Is parking possible using Spline/Path ?

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Is parking possible using Spline/Path ?

Post by ExacoMvm » Wed May 17, 2023 7:54 am

Hey all, I was watching some tutorials and I haven't seen anything similar done using Splines, so I wonder if it's possible to setup a semi trailer truck using splines for it to drive into for example warehouse area, then stop and go reverse into spot e.g. offset parking or parallel parking style and then after that continue driving ?

Or it's something that should be done only using manual control?

Patrik Martin
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Re: Is parking possible using Spline/Path ?

Post by Patrik Martin » Wed May 17, 2023 10:01 am

It is possible but it is going to be very hard. Parking goes faster by doing manual driving. Yes, it can take a couple of takes before you are satisfied.

What you can do is record using autonomous mode up until the point where you would like to "park" and then switch over to manual control instead and once parked and would like to drive of again you can use autonomous mode again. Please note that any previous animation the rig has in the future will be removed when recording. So, you might want to make clones of the rig for different parts of the animation animation. In post you are then able to cut it together and you can use camera switching to hide bad alignment between the animations.

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